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Author Topic: Why this forum exists  (Read 17860 times)

05 Feb 2017, 00:01
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Why this forum exists
« on: 05 Feb 2017, 00:01 »
Quite simply, this forum exists as a replacement for the Serious Discussion subforum in the EvaGeeks forum.  The staff at that forum are not happy to continue moderating the kind of discussion which is natural there, so they are planning to close that subforum - this forum is intended to make a direct replacement available without users needing to commit to all the gubbins of a larger-scale site which they might have no other interest in.

Moderation will be performed by me alone.  I have long experience of doing this (at Questionable Content), and believe I can cope with the things which the EvaGeeks staff - for reasons which are quite understandable - find it hard to manage.  You may find me more tolerant than you expect; but note that I have strict limits as well, and after due warning I will be as severe as I deem necessary.

Other sites that people might consider are the forums at Questionable Content and at RPGnet.  Links have been provided in the forum list here for those people who wish to investigate.  And of course there is also a link to EvaGeeks to make flipping back there a little bit easier.