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If you think something is wrong with how the forum works, or you would like to see if a change can be made, post in this thread.

Director Black:
I recommend dividing the serious discussions into separate categories. I.E.: Political Discussion; Serious Media Discussion (Issues like whitewashing or a celebrity rape trial (Ke$ha and Dr. Luke come to mind); or general (Depression).

My intention with this forum is simply to provide a replacement for the "Serious Discussion" area at EGF for those who wish to continue.  It is likely that the more political conversations in the film area at EGF will also be reined in to some extent, and I would be happy to define a separate section for "Politics in Entertainment", say, though a couple of the main suspects in this area have said they won't come here.

Depression (and similar things like relationship problems) is a trickier matter.  At EGF, talk about that is pretty much confined to the FML thread, and there is little active support on offer - and that is not being changed, so there is no obvious need for a replacement.  A "Mind Games" forum needs careful handling.  Many of the issues that are likely to come up might be best addressed by professionals, and there is potential for real damage to be done by well-meaning forum members giving inappropriate advice*.  OTOH, the support of those who share your problems can be helpful in putting yours into perspective, and their experience may guide you towards the best source of professional help when required or in some cases be enough help on its own.  This implies a sufficient population of people to have those conversations with; and it will probably take some time for this new, small forum to be able to offer that.  However, at Questionable Content, alongside the "Discuss!" forum is another one called "Relate" which offers exactly what I have just outlined, and is quite active; and I think in this case I would do better to suggest you have a look there.

*  Or by people trying to rely on the forum to avoid facing issues properly - in one case at Questionable Content we went as far as to ban someone simply to try to force them to go to a more appropriate source of help.

Sorry about the forum hanging.  It was not the web server but PHP; I have never seen that happen before and will need to pore through the logs to see if there is a visible reason.

Late to the party, but FWIW:

One of's rules, rule 9, explicitly prohibits offering advice for professional matters, for exactly the reasons you describe above. However, it doesn't prohibit discussing such issues, so long as the advice boundary is observed. The wording of the rule goes like so:

Rule 9: Do not ask for medical, legal or other professional advice. Do not request emergency crisis counseling or solicit personal financial donations.

It seems to work pretty well.


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